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Sylvia Knap

Healing Consultant & Advisor

You're here because you are ready for change.

Radical change.

You are here for a reason, and you matter. 

It's time to break the cycle, to break free from pain and struggle and be who you came here to be, to live your live fearlessly and embrace your transformation.

It's time to become

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...because the world needs your light, and's time to shine!

About Me...

I work with therapists, healers, holistic practitioners, couples and those who are committed to their healing journey. I have worked with clients based in North America, Middle East and throughout Europe.

My expertise is in working with the unconscious mind and healing through trauma therapy, shadow work, and ceremonial work for deep transformation and spiritual rebirth. I specialise in complex, developmental and generational trauma, narcissistic abuse recovery and the death, birth and rebirth process.


My role is to guide and support the journey to make it as painless as possible, providing ease, simplicity, clarity and understanding throughout the entire process with a focus and emphasis on the importance of integration on all levels, leaving no stone left unturned.


My mission is to offer a truly holistic model of care within a new paradigm of healing that addresses the root cause of pain and struggle and empowers the individual on every level. 


My hope is to inspire other light workers to go deeper and fully embody equilibrium so that they can increase their impact and radiate more light to assist in the spiritual transformation on the planet.


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Contact Me

Distance sessions can be done via Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.

In-person sessions are held in my therapy room in Glastonbury, UK.

The exact location will be given via text or emailed upon confirmation of appointment.

Hours vary, sessions are available Wednesday-Sunday.

(please check junk mail)

Tel: +44 7702796988

(SMS, WhatsApp, Signal)

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“Words do not provide the scope to explain what Sylvia truly provides to me and to many others that I have recommended to her. She is a true healer who has the ability to read anyone and get straight to the route of anything and provide instant insight and education along with solutions. I and so many others that I know have turned to Sylvia for help when all else has failed them and she has helped to give hope and healing to us when we thought all was lost. She has taken life long issues, pains and challenges and addressed them almost immediately.” -AH, Reading​

Working with Sylvia has helped me immensely, in a way that talking therapy never did. Her vast knowledge and holistic approach mean she is uniquely equipped to sense what kind of treatment will help most. Sylvia has an extraordinary ability to create a safe space, which helps when you're working through challenging emotions and memories. Thank you! -RD, Reading 

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