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What is Kambo?

Kambo derives from the secretion of the Amazonian giant waxy tree frog Phillomedusa Bicolor. The secretion comprises a unique complex cocktail of bioactive peptides and neuropeptides that produce incredible health-promoting benefits for the body and mind. These peptides can perform a broad range of functions affecting the gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, the immune system and the nervous system.

The peptides found in Kambo can offer benefits for people who suffer from recurrent infections, fatigue, PTSD, autoimmune disorders, cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sleeping issues, hormonal issues, infertility and more.

People also often report an improvement in memory, their mental clarity, energy levels,

libido, stamina, and strength.


The Application

Kambo is administered through small superficial burns in the skin. This creates entry "gates" for the secretion to enter the bloodstream. Once it is applied to the gates, the effects are immediate and typically produce sensations like a warm flush, increase in heart rate and numbness and tingling of the ears, tongue and lips. These sensations last approximately 5-7 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes of flu-like symptoms. This can result in the client needing to purge, but because water is drank beforehand, the purge is typically smooth and without discomfort. After a total of 20 minutes, the Kambo secretions are removed and all symptoms subside (but the benefits remain!).

Kambo (Intro)

Healing session and single

dot application for a

gentle introduction to Kambo. 

Kambo Immersion

Healing session, Kambo

application & integration for a deeply transformative experience.

Kambo 3 Day Reset

An extended Kambo immersion

with 3 days back-to-back of Kambo


Kambo for Couples

A duo immersion facilitated by me and my husband who is also a Tribal Detox trained practitioner and teacher.





Proud to be the only Advanced Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner and 1 of 2 Tribal Detox Teachers in the UK/EU.

Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner School is based in science, safety and pragmatic application while dropping misconceptions and misinformation.

Tribal Detox Practitioner Training is now available in the UK via (website under development). 


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"After Kambo I felt cleansed, reenergised, clearer and empowered. I no longer feel stuck in my same old thought pattern. It helped me finally let go of what I have been working through. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel calm and balanced." -JH, Reading

"Kambo is like a reset button. I feel cleansed, my mind feels a lot more fresh and clearer. The mind chatter has stopped and for the first time in months I was able to get a good nights sleep. I really needed that, thank you so much." -SH, Slough

"I found the Kambo experience similar to my first experiences with Iboga and Ayahuasca where during the actual ceremony I didn't feel much in the way of visions or feelings but things seemed to change in my life shortly after" -PM, Reading

"I was in bliss after my Kambo session. I felt like I was revived and in the following days I'm still integrating how strong I feel in myself. Before Kambo, I was feeling pretty low and defeated. My energy has completely shifted since." -SM, Reading

"It feels like some layer which was covering my heart has been lifted and there is sooooooo much space now! I feel more natural, myself, loving and calm." KG, Reading

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